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Monday, September 08, 2014

hat i find interesting iabout the books boxed set is two things a) that he wants to control the means of distrubution, which might be more impt than production, and that is in flux (though not as much as flux as techno-utopians want it to be) b) that for one of the great singles artists of the 20th century, still belives singles are lesser, are almost ot be given away against albums.

what is an lds blessing
how does it differ from other xian blessings
how has an lds blessing changed over time
how does gender affect lds blessings
how do thes quesitions relate to the ongoing PM of lds discourse

then an examinaiton of seven blessings

a) what are they
b) what is the explicit ritual
c) who is invited
d) how are they similar to protestant blessins
e) how are they uniquley lds

then each w/ questions above

a) sacrament meeting
b) mothers blesssing
c) general blessing of healing
d) patrichal blessigns
e) baptism
f) temple sealings
g) setting apart

Monday, August 25, 2014

i hate writing bios esp only 20 words:
Anthony Easton still believes the rectum's the grave.
Anthony Easton was saved at a Pentecostal tent revival in their early 20s.
Anthony Easton digs pina coladas. 
Anthony Easton is a capricorn and seeks a taurus.
Anthony Easton seeks to live up to the moral severity of Edith Sitwell's turban.
Anthony Easton's' mother never let him grew up to be a cowboy.
Anthony Easton is feeling like Kathleen Hannae oversold the radical potential of plesure.
Anthony Easton would like to "shake it for the squirrels" as required by Luke Bryan.
Anthony Easton knows more about Ryman from the late 1980s than you.
Anthony Easton's mystical visions are all about the problems of negation.
Anthony Easton realizes the greatest art of the 20th century might be Dolly Parton's wigs.
Anthony Easton never under estimates the power of the tracking shot.
Anthony Easton writes about things, but really wants to produce.
Anthony Easton finds the joke about the starlet who slept with the writer more amusing if one believes Fitzgerald wrote it.
Anthony Easton's favourite colours are electric magenta and damson.
Anthony Easton believes in the restorative power of cold chicken.
Anthony Easton spends a lot of time figuring out the origin of the queer archive, and thinks it might be Joe Brainard's I Remember Poem.
Anthony Easton thinks their prayers go up to heaven like the insence smoke in a thurifer.
Anthony Easton thinks--fabulous outfit, but honey your purse is on fire.

Monday, August 11, 2014

hung out with graham and thuslay's wee one, market,park, lunch, playground, home. lots of good talk.

Friday, August 01, 2014

The Touch  of a Mother’s Skin:  Some Notes on the Gendered Taxonomy of Mormon Blessings.

Anthony Easton
Concordia University.

Intended  for the “Skin” call module

There has been recent discussion in LDS church  circles about which rituals women can perform, and which they are forbidden to. The Church’s historic compromise between congregational and magisterial models of power, means that not allowing women to be priests, does not forbid them from speaking in church, for example, but does forbid them from blessing the sacrament.

The concept of laying on of hands for healing, is one of the rites of the LDS church, where this tension between the lay and the priesthood is made the most explicit. For feminist scholars of religion, like Mary Toscano, the historical Mormon act of a Mother’s blessing, is as sacramental as any of the blessings that were traditionally performed by men. For (mostly) male critics of this position, there are blessings that can be only performed by men. These blessings are not only discreet work in the temples, or blessings for setting apart before people go on missions, or blessings to dedicate new children, or even to baptize, but also blessings to heal .

The question emerges--because male rites to lay on hands for the express purpose of healing, are wrapped up in a gender essentialized method, is there a masculine touch that heals differently than the feminine touch of a mother’s blessing?

Researching the history of the mother’s blessing, the shifting roles of motherhood in Latter Day Saint Context, and LDS connections between healing and vernacular religious practice, will provide a historiographical narrative, where the skin on skin contact for the purposes of healing tells of stories of how families are both integrated and exiled. This will be done by investigating both official church statements, from Brigham Young to the 1994 Proclamation of the Family; personal recollections from families, and also radical theological interventions, that seek to collapse the category of blessing.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

i don't think i liked snowpeircer, and i don't know why. i love chris evans--and his melancholy here was strong, the aesthetics were powerful, tilda was brilliant, as was john hurt, the work seemed both new and peiced together from various parts. i can handle allegory, it might have been the nihilism, i think it was one of the more hopeless movies i have seen, (any solution posited will result in more catastrophe, any dissent has been constructed to further the status qua, the revolutionary and the reactionary depend on each other (one seeding the other), stability and hierarchy win over chaos, and eventually, the polar bear will eat the last survivors) but dystopian works are not expected to be pleasant, or to end well--recent dystopias have failed to note how their work is co-opted into an agenda of self-perpetuating crisis/crony/corporatism capitalism (cf Divergent, I am No, 4, Hunger Games). It's hopelessness seemed well earned. There were things I could nitpick (the writing, the writing was terrible) but I felt dissatisfied and uneasy at the end of it, and I didn't know why.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pop Matters Best of the 2000s List: 
  1. Britney Spears Blackout 
  2. kd lang Hymns of the 49th Parallel
  3.  Tanya Tagaq,  ᐊᐅᒃ
  4. PJ Harvey “Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea”
  5. Dolly Pardon Little Sparrow. 
  6. Miranda Lambert Kerosene
  7. Bjork Vesperine 
  8. MIA Arular 
  9. Americas Sweetheart Courtney Love 
  10. Cesaria Evora Nha Sentimento

Saturday, July 19, 2014

what's the word for bittersweet erotic frisson of accidentally stumbling upon an image you jerked off at 14--especially when at 14 you had to glean thru scarcity and now you live in the promised world of excess

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reference/Begging Notes for Invocaiton of my Demon Brother peice:

Chein Andulou
Trauma to the Eye Motif
Barely Legal
Semenial Magic Crowley
Lefthand path
hanged man
Skull Pipe
siamese batting
the sweep of musicians
weird home movie aesthetic
Truman Capote Thru the Flowers
Back to the Garden
light show
acid test
ritual garments
solit of personhood
mirroed bodies
skryers glass
radical fairies
stone cock
false eyes
eyes as mouths
ring of similar faces
hanged man
devil as camp hollywood
lined in red satin
more flames
into spikes
tom of finland
hells angels
abstracting, splitting, repeating
hippie jesus
more nazis
broken cross
out of the copter
not alot of cock
tattoos ad eyes
orgy as masturbation
third eye sequin
warhol exploding plastic
more simaese
ironic procession
fade out
live performance
lattice work
jagger in white holding snake
zap yr pregrant thats witchcraft

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Clerical and Episcoplal Vestments, Diary of Bishop Fields, June 22 1844

2 Satin Gowns
1 Silk Gown
1 cassock
2 Scarves
2 Sashes
6 cochets (?)
6 pairs of sleeves
2 pr silk wristbands
3 silk aprons
1 Oxford Cap
4 par bands
1 case for bands
1 purple bag
3 sermon cases.

(oxford cap vould be 16 or 1 6x?)

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

60 pages, GRP outline:


  • Bio of Wood 
    • Anglo-Catholicism
      • uni 
      • and romanism 
    • Family History
      • rc cousins 
      • money 
      • reverseals 
    • Englishness
      • pyschogeography 
      • floating bubble 
    • NB/Montreal
    • Schoolmaster 
    • Sister Sarah 
      • eccesial 
    • Death
      • funeral  
  • Methodology: 
    • If not X then Y but not X nor Y Then What 
  • a) Pedestry 
    • school teaching 
    • anglocatholicism history and connecitons to the uranians 
    • the urianis connection b/w peadstry and schooling 
    • the uranians connection b/w pedestry and misogyny 
    • no evidence that he was even sexual 
    • swimming anecdote 
    • Sister Sarah 
  • Romanism 
    • Aesthetics 
    • Eucharistic Theology 
    • Tractarian alelgience 
    • I am not a Romanist 
    • willingness to compromise (incense anecdote)
    • what does Anglican Ritualism look like? 
  • Canadian 
    • New Brunswick then Montreal 
    • emergence of an Anglophone discourse 
    • Colonial suggests they thot of themselves as English 
    • English in Exile 
    • what is English then (McClintock) 
  • Masculinities 
    • hyomosocial 
      • school 
      • Father French
        • but presence of Sarah and the three communicats at his funeral 
    •  homosexual 
      • French 
      • material culture reads as queer. (bosivert) 
      • gossip post-Wood 
        • homosexual as a category failed to exist  Aesthetics 
      • funeral discussion 
      • Robinsons work 
      • Supplice
        • Supplice wars 
        • the 1904 photo 
        • Wood willingness to just be present
  • Aesthetics 
    • Funeral Gear 
    • Body Positioned in Church 
    • Supplice Case Study (robinson) 
  • Educaiton 
    • St John School Material 
    • Choir School and its future absence 
    • Death after a year 
    • Case study of photo of the corridor 
    • Fosdick anecdote
  • Aesthetics as a kind of Material Culture 
    • Eucharist 
    • horse trading at the end of the life of these spaces.
    • Money, Realestate adn the Golden Sqaure Mile 
  • Celibacy 
    • as a kind of queerness 
    • as a kind of romanism 
    • as a kind of ritual practice 
    • Sarah and Marriage
  • Fiefdom 
    • as a setting part 
    • as a kind of ritual act
  • Cocnlusion 
    • Wood as symoblic figure, as a cipher mroe than as biography 
    • absence/presence./negation 
    • boredom as a strategy. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

saw little girls dressed in perfect miyake pleats and orgami headresses
doing crane like motions
and i was at peace with quebec

Saturday, June 21, 2014

two glasses of a v. dense italian red, a v. dry sav blanc, a planters punch, a french version of port, a fennet branco, lapin croquette, a v. light veal stew with fiddle heads, peas,and asparagus, and a black  forrest cake more like a mille fille. liverpool house w/ wendy

Friday, June 20, 2014

The weight of the world, it seemed, rested on the bachelor's shoulders. And the4 conflicts and stresses registered in certain bachelor texts rerive from the peculari situiion of bachelor identiy in the antebellum phase of its emergence. The bachelor occupies an ambigious position within the mid-Victorian system of sex, gender and body ideologies. Not yet the subject of etiquette books such as the complete bachelor (1896, no longer an adresse of younge men's guides of the thirties and forties (in which the owrd "bachelor" can barely be mnetioned, nowhere to be found in the treatises on domestic life and martial sexuality, the bachelor's sociosexual identity is undefined and unrelgulated. Located in a kind of negative conceptual space, on the threshokld between domestication and transgression, the bachelor is a liminal concept in atebellum culture, and a strantional s tate within proper masculine devolpment...

Fireside Chasity, The Erotics of Sentimental Bahelorhood in the 1850s, Vincent J Bertolini, from Sentimental Men 29.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pater envisions his critical activity under a public gaze, and thereby structures his aesthet- icism through the social forms and psychology that it ostensibly re- pudiates, those of Victorian gentility.

"The world," Newman writes, mistrusts innocence as "craft" because "sobriety, self-restraint, control of word and feeling have about them an air of being artificial, because they are not natural; and of being artful, because artificial." Thus self- restraint, he continues, "is the first thing which makes holy persons seem wanting in openness and manliness.

Georg Simmel points out in "The Sociology of Secrecy and Secret Societies," That which we can see through plainly to its last ground, shows us therewith the limit of its attraction. . If the utmost attractiveness of another person is to be preserved for us, it must be presented to us in part in the form of vagueness or impenetrability. This is the only substitute which the great majority of people can offer for that attractive value which the small minority possess through the inexhaustibility of their inner life and growth

The trope of arcane wisdom thus invites thefin-de- siecle celebration of art as a dangerous influence, as in the trope of "the fatal book." And Pater's rhetoric clearly suggests a calculated affiliation of his aestheticism with homoerotic subcultures that still remain shadowy in recent social and literary histories of Victorian England.3"

But it is important to note that the rhetoric of secrecy is not inevitably the expressive veil of a specifically homoerotic desire. Indeed, to draw this inference would seem to reproduce the very practice that Newman analyzes in his sermon on "Innocence and Wisdom": "the world," disturbed by the secrecy of those who withdraw from its scrutiny, interprets the transgression as a mode of gender deviance. One facet of the burden of Victorian manliness is a deep mistrust of (which is of course inseparable from a fascination with) secrecy:

ritualized devotion as a means of giving shape and solemnity to a life of aesthetic experience -of realizing aestheticism as what Foucault has called a technology of the self.?5

Gentleman, Dandy, Priest: Manliness and Social Authority in Pater's Aestheticism
Author(s): James Eli AdamsSource: ELH, Vol. 59, No. 2 (Summer, 1992), pp. 441-466Published

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Polaris List:

Tanya Tagaq Aminism
Wet Secrets Free Candy
Jess Mossaluke Light Up the Night
Fresh Snow I
Rae Spoon My Beautiful Prarie Home

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Schlock, at its finest, is where bad taste becomes great art. Schlock is music that subjugates all other values to brute emotional impact; it aims to overwhelm, to body-slam the senses, to deliver catharsis like a linebacker delivers a clothesline tackle. The qualities traditionally prized by music critics and other listeners of discerning taste — sophistication, subtlety, wit, irony, originality, “experimentation” — have no place in schlock. Schlock is extravagant, grandiose, sentimental, with an unshakable faith in the crudest melodrama, the biggest statements, the most timeworn tropes and most overwrought gestures

Jody Rosen

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

it had profound homnophobia
but in ways that were almost closeted
and an anger against women
sort of like women are furniture, or ruin yr adoloscent fun
so the only way to fix that is to spend time with men
which flirts with queerness in a way
that allows for one to pretend for pleasure
and then be punished when the pleasure goes too far
angry, ugly, vicisous movie
profoundly distrubed queer writers are praising it
John Rolfe's book of vintage drawings of logos and signs is kind of a graveyard of pre-tatcher nationalism and is a beautiful example of the haunting of capital in ordinary material culture.

cold war  satelites tell us about ancient mid east historical sites

vintage photos of the 70s  computer labs

The Chronicle of Higher Educaiton tells of how oral history nd other archival work into the troubles in ireland have provided legal consquences, including murder charges against former Sein Fein members who are now part of parliment.

NFB streams the entire Introducing Leonard Cohen, from 1965.

i have watched this man work thru his mug collection on camera for 8 minutes like 10 times, its incredibly southing.

15 unproduced hitchcock flims

more informaiton about jpii and his covering up of the sex abuse crisis

cops still think they have everyones best interest in mind, shocked when agit prop campaigns backfire.

on the problems perserving residental and vernacular modernism, a dallas case study.

Chris Molophany on the charts  is one of the most delightful, tight work on what it music means now, this is his emp talk. and him in conversation with s/fj about how to fix the r and b charts

Elvis Costello in Nashville, a mid 80s bbc doc.

Didion interview  thanks to the believer

as opposed to most abandoned  site porn, Warren Kirks photos of suburban Melbourne, are small intimate, and profoundly respectufl.

Fantastic Obit  for Billy Frank Jr, one of the first legal agitators for native fishing rights, here in Salmon in sattle.

long interview with Thelma Schoonmaker.

From Lynne Cohen's Late work in Venice as an RIP 

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