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Sunday, April 26, 2009

James Stirling Andrew Mellville House, brutalist complex in the green english countryside. one of the things i love about this kind of modernisim, is that it's utopia is agressive, it refuses to be polite.

Bea did Shopper's Drug Mart in the 80s.

Strip clubs of Louisville from Joey Harrison on Vimeo.
The Strip Clubs of Louisville, a black and white silide show by Joey Harrison.

utamaoras shell, bird and insect books digitalised by the Fitzwilliam musuem in Cambridge. Elegant translations, beautiful web design, and some really excellent repros.

From Untitled Album

F Holland Day, Saint Sebastion, 189?

quniford and scout are a queer longdistance couple, one in limerick and one in manchester, small intimate moments, documentary work, and intensely moving.

Hilary Clinton owns the republicans on reproductive issues and global aid.

beagles are cute, even if they howl.

aylssa peterson an american military translator, committed suicide instead of commiting torture. this suicide was covered up.

From Untitled Album

graphic design tumblr

grotto of redemption one of those immersive folk reglious sites, so popular in america, this time in west bend iowa, designed and constructed by a german immigrant roman catholic preist.

photos of grey garden after the death of big edie, and little edie moving out.

From Untitled Album

Lynda Benglis. Quartered Meteor, 1969.

fuschia woodgrain notecards

masters and johnsons faked their results.

rice okayed torture

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