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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A year ago, a really medicore picasso sold for 120m breaking records for no good reason. I went thru the auction results and told you what you could have gotten if you didnt waste it on pablo. This is apparently worth 95 million dollars apparently. If one had 95,216,00 million to spend and didnt want to waste it on a ugly, slightly misogynyst, medicore cubist thing, you could have bought:

1 A very early, eerie, De Chirco before he became a self parody.
2-5 Three excellent, tight and self contained Arp wood reliefs.
6 Duchamp's Green Box, a seires of texts, and prints to explain his cryptic masterpeice A Bride Stipped Bare By his Bachelor, a heremtic and mystic classic in its own right
7 A peralescent, and mildy pornographic portrait by hans bellmer
8 A Dunier portrait of two self containted, jocular merchants, like a more bitter Hals
9 a tender and urbane Pisarro, one of the more under-rated impressionsts (though that might be changing, with recent new york and paris showings)
10-11 two charming, little Sisley landscapes, with perfect Provencal colours
12 A succuluent, overwhelming, luminous Letour stilllife of three peaches
13 A perfect Paul Signac Seascape study
14 A Rodin Death Mask, more Balzac then the Kiss
15 A Bonnard painting of foliage and a red roofed shed, the canvas sized and shaped like the view form a high window
16 A Bonnard nude, slightly voyeuristic, and deeply sad.
17 Kees Van Dogen kitsch masterpiece, L'écharpe verte
18 Roualt’s holy fool portrait of St Francis,
19 An original cast of Ernst Balach’s stations of the cross,
20. A really sexy, late Arp Bronze
21. A loose, sinuous, pastel drawing of a woman combing her hair, by Degas
22, A dargerssque, transgressive and filthy water colour by James Ensor
23-25 Two first rate Schiele Pencil Drawings
25-28 Three first rate Klimt Pencil Drawings
29 One of the best middle period Ben Nicholson, geometrical, with excellent use of colour
30 A drawing of one of Schlichter’s cat fights
31 Two haunting, and unhinged Fujimotos
32 An almost white on white, landscape of a warm, courtyard by Vuillard
33 An excellent Cezanne Landscape, almost Tuscan in its browns and greens
34 A Ernst Grotesqury in Bronze
35 A Pciabo from the mid 40s, that reminds us why this once ignored period was the start of Salle, Polke and company
36 Balthus Female Nude
35 A Large, trademark Ox Carcass by Soutine
36-39 Three Auberbach Portraits, the ones where faces seem to melt
40 A colourful, mid Francis Bacon Self Portarit, perhaps the most optimistic of the lit.
41 Andy Warhol paints Diane Keaton (before and after a hair cut)
42 two multicoloured homage to the square, by Alberts
44 A Gursky Cibrachrome of the floor of The National Bank of Singapore
45 An On Kawara Date Painting
46 Cattelan playing Zorro
47 A Francis Bacon Study for the infamous Pope Innocent Series
48 10 Marylins by Warhol
49 a Richard Prince Biker Chick
50 10 Views from Sao Paulo (Silver Gelatin Photos) polke
51 One of Gurskys Epic Football Pitches
52 Bridget Rileys Uber Minimalist Sound
53 A Brillo Box by Warhol
54 A Tom Wesslemans Smoking Portrait
55 Two from Warhols Toy Seires
56 Alighiero Boetti’s Arte Povero Playing with language
57-58 Two Hans Hartung Scrawls
60 Two Chillida Terra Cotta Puzzle Sculpture
61-62 Two De Sota constructions, in wire, nylon and linen
63 An Early Vasserly Collage
64 An Almost Camp, sexy pink Max Bill remix of Mondrian
65-66- Two Dubuffet Portraits
67-72 Five prep drawings by Jean Claude nad Christo
73 RB Kitaj drawing Robert Wilheim
74-75 A Yves Klein Sponge, and Table, in his trademark blue
76-78 Two Ceaser Compostions, stuffed with an end civlivaltzations detrieous
79 A seminial Wols watercolour
80 A large Guzman, who corrects lingustic problems with latex and newspaper
81 A prime mid 80s Scharf Cartoon
82-83 Two large Sam Francis Watercolours, without much effort or noise,
84 A WEssleman Manquetee of a cigarette, with smoke, playful and slightly dull
85 Janine Atoniniès icon of feminist masochism, Lipstick
86 Harry Hollands Advertising Slickness, this time in Sunsuits
87 A Shirin Hisnit medittion on Islam, Desire, Language and pain
88-93 5 Hamish Fulton Lithographs
94-97 Three examples of how Jorge Strasseès C Prints are wry destructions of the nu german photogs
98 An Olfar Eliussan Photo of cold and remote islands, from his undervalued island seires.
99-103 Four Hirisho Sugmioto photo of still and somber seas (Ionian, Carribean North, and Tasman)
104 April Gopniks hard edged realist convases of inclement weather
105 A Sigmar Polke Screen Print, on Vinyl Table Cloth
106 A very early silver gelatin picture of gas plants by the Belchers
107 A stark Art and Language text and glass piece
108 A rare non photo work by Gilbert and George, lovelier and less angry then they usually are.
109 A tattoeed and Cured pigs hide by Wim De Voye
110-115 Four Tracey Emin Monoprints, and one Doll
116 A Damien Hirst Spin Painting
117 A Julian Opie, narrative screen, of a woman stripping
118-119 Two Grayson Perry Cermics,
120-122 Two prints from the work Chiho Aoshima did for the NYTC
123 A Jack Peirson Applause Sign
124 Two Vintage Bernice Abbot Photos, of the Lower East Side in the 30s
125 a Keith Harring Subway Drawing
126-128 Two Colour Coppler Landscapes by the criminally underrated Todd Hido
129 A canonical William Eggleston vintage print of parked cars
130 Danny Lyon snapshotting bikers
131 Pierre et Gilles astrounauts and flowers
132 Warhol screenprint of the most wanted men
133 A tiny, intimate, and charming martin parr snap of a woman holding a purse
134 Helmut Newtonès Amazonic Big Nude
135 A late imprint of Belloqs storyville prostitute
136 Matthew Barney Cremaster 3 Print
137 John Waters conflating Manson and Divine in photographic form
138 Marcel Dzamas domestic monsters
139 Tom Sachs Homemade Bomb Kit
140 A mournful, and pyschogeographic realized Barry McGee Portrait, painted on a bottle
141 Ed Ruscha, Lithograph, Other
142 A fantastic, and quite dark Twombly lithograph, from his prime in the 70s
143-144 Two Candida Hoffer C Prints of Theaters
145 Expressionist, and unphotographic, John Balderssi Lithos, in in a edition of 6
146 Minor White Rayogram
147 One of the best, in theoretical and pictorial terms, of Winogrands stock show photos
148 Walker Evans farm photos
149-150 Two large, colour coupler and plexi mounts, meant to stroyboard films, by the other Steven McQueen
151 An masterpiece of analyticial coldness, of Hercules hangers, by Lynn Cohen
152-153 Two mournful nudes, in melancholic cynatype colours by Doug Sanders
154-155 Three Hirst Dot Prints, from the Drug Series
157 A truly perverse McCarthy Silkscreen
158 Richard Prince remaking Altamonts
159 A tender and difficult Alex Katz portrait, away from his usual formal coldness, this one of John Ashberry
160 A Late Licheenstein, Vientan Blinds, which I a fuck you on the decorative powers of minimialism
161 A really cute, end table sized Naim June Paik Robot
162 A Jeff Koons Porcelian Poster
163-164 Two Murakami Portrait Lithographs, one of 1000 eyes and one of Mr Dobbs
165 Uta Barth laminate and photographic construction
166-171 Five very pretty photos of very pretty boys by Wolf Gang Tillimans
172-173 Two Ernst Haas Super close up floral studies
174 A Robert Indiana that finds the place between Amish Quilt and Unaco 76 Ball
175-178 Cindy Sherman Dressing up as a Farm Girl and Lucille Ball, amongst others
179 Steve McCurryès famous photo of the Afghan Widow, from National Graphic
180 Annie Lebowitz doing Esther Williams for the Culver City Synchro Team
181 Nan Goldin playing Life and Death on Long Island
182 Two Ellsworth Kelly Prints, curving towards each other, one black and one red, elegant and reductive
183 Dora Maar's landscapes of Picassos Spain
184 Belchers portrait of a coal furnace in Belgium
185 Gerry Tice making a Cherry Hill Esso Station seem like a beacon in the dark
186 A louise Borgeiouse drawing of spider, that works like a cosmic wheel
187 Ron Rochelon's High Theory Stand Up Comedy Mash Up of Alice and Disney
188 Heberard Havekost marking the formal geometery of international style buildings
189 More of those Gopnik clouds, this time a lithograph (most under rated painter of her generation, perhaps.)
190 A charming little isreali landscape by Jakob Steinhardt
191 Yehiel Shemi Large sculpture, made of wood and iron, post miminal;ist
192-195 Three Ansel Adams Yosemite landscapes
196 An Original Imprint of Edward Westons 1930 Pepper
197 An Orignial Imprint of Edward Westons 1947 Natalius
198 Fredreick Sommers Tribal and Iconic The Judgement of Solomon
199 Joel Sternfields photograph of firefighters buying pumpkins
200 Two late 19th Century Stereoscope photographs by Charles Negre of Paris Asylums
201 Julia Margaret Camerons Late Victorian Series Prayers and Praise
202 Edward Muybridge Panaroma of San Franscio
203 The Entire Edward Curtis Portfolio of North American Indian Seires
204 Tuscalosa Wrecking Company by Evans
205 Alice Mae Burroughs by Evans
206 Ben Shan's picture of synagogue
207 Robert Capras evocative greatest greantion shots of D Day
208 The lyrical abstractions of Henry Callahan's Chicago Tree
209 Elliot Porter’s portfolio of flying birds, (bue skies, motions, gorgeous)
210-215 Five Diane Arbus portraits of freaks, babies, midgets, and the like…
216 An excellent Mapplethorpe Orchid
217 The infamous sado masochistic X Portfolio also by Mapplethorpe
218 Nan Goldins Cody at the Boy Bar
219 An Eggleston Shot that makes Elvis’ Piano look like a saints relic
220 A Sally Mann viled, dark, daugertype, called Deep South
221-226 Five Sugimoto prints of empty movie theaters
227 Adam Fuss Placental Baby
228 Michelle Kim Tank Field
229 A 20 Foot Gursky, high as opposed to wide this time
230 The Self Portrait by John Coplan, that makes his back look like a Neolithic monument
231-33 Two Great black and white Keitas (wrong size, and note problems with ownership)
234 The strange clarity of Serrano’s klansmen, half in the darkness, out of frame
235-236 The two most famous Guy bourdains (the one with the Pink Elepehant toys, and the human/desk Legs Akimbo one)
237 Gary Winnogrand’s Park Avenue (the one with the angry monkey)
238 Gary Cannone Freuds Booksale
239 James Welling Soo Line Bellingham Train Picture, in gritty black and white
240 Eight Claire Weemens pieces on anthropology, African identity, and photographry
241 Niki Lee’s playing with idenitiy
242 One of Burtynsky’s Ship breaking Series
243 Two of Avedon print from the In the American West
244 Robert Frank’s Assembly Line
245 Glen Sleator’s sexy slick prints of convex security mirror (on plexiglass)
244 117 Bill Owens Suburbia Photos (sold as one lot)
243 Seaton Smith's melancholic bleached out prints of train mirrors
244 Richard Avedon’s menacning portrait of a eye patched john wayne
245 Film Stills from Tinseltown South by Teresa Hubbard and Alex Bircher
246-250 4 stark, and intimidating urban landscapes by Thomas Struth
251 Doug Halls loving odd to endless hi-ways, somewhere in Nevada (C Print)
252 6 Walker Evans polaroids (Sold as one Lot)
253 Joel Sternfield’s bleak coupler print of a decaying foodmart, in the missiouri wilderness
254 Craig Kalpakjian’s Kubrickian Corridor
255 See 251. Make it in black and white, but by Robert Frank and in Colardo
256 A paradigm destroying, conflation of landscape, and self portrait, casual but not self effeacing, by Lee Friedlander
257 one less good, but equally moving, also by Friedlander
256 The almost social realist Iriving Penn studio portrait of an Astronaut
257-259 Two hygienic, scientifically lit, still lives, of cigarette butts, also by Iriving Penn
261-263 Eisenhadt’s Photos of Marylin in Black Sweater and Marlene in Black Tux
263-265 Two Eggleston photos of domestic chaos
266 Richard Princes Modernist Grid of Found Cowboys
267 A callotype by Henry Fox Talbot, one of the earliest pictures ever taken
268 Serrano’s White Christ
269-271 Two Roni Horn conceptual/abstractions, this time of cephlapods
273 Allen Ginsberg homoerotic shots of his lover, and his lovers lover
274 One of Larry Clarks barley legal rough trade, this time with gun, from Tulsa
275 Rene Dijkstra’s photo of a young female isreali soilder
276 Aretha, by William, mostly for the colour
277 That Dinae Arbus NoLa shot where the hairdresser looks like her poodle
278 Henri Cartier Bresson,Bike Photo, mid 30s
279 Brassais Corpulent Streetwalker
280 Imogen Cunnigham’s portrait of Frida, making her look like an Incan Goddess or Our Lady of Gaudelope,
281 Dora Maar Ray-o-Graph (better, stranger, and more fractured as an artist then a subject)
282 More Weston Nataulises
283 Lewis Hine’s heart rending document on child labour, Girl working in a Carolina cotton mill
284 Paul Strands Deep Shadows and Opressive buildings, on wall street
285 Leni Refiensthal Camera Man
286-288 Two Mid 40s Helen LEvitt NY Street scenes, before she discovered colour
289 Werner Birschoffs tranquil, holy, photo of snow falling on a monastery near Toyko, cause it reminds me of Houksai
290 Sad Marylin, and Pensive Pound, both by Avedon
291 The Bettina Rhiems portrait that looks like some kind of Liz Taylor shows her boobies thing, but it isn’t liz taylor, again mostly for the colour
292 Bettina Rhimes, nude, in a hospital surgical suite
291 Eggleston photo, of a woman hitching nearing Glendon Missipi
292-295 Two Christof Klutes, and one Hofer, of University Corridors
296 Bernice Abbots Sci. Portfolio (12 images), meant for text books, initially
297- Three Onions, Three Tulips, Three Tulips (different varieties) by english botanist Charles Jones, for their balance, precision, and lack of pretention (ca 1900)
298 Man Rays Portrait of Charllote Hessling
299-302 Three Harry Callahan Silver Nitrite photos of Torn Signs, font shots of doom, etc
303 Larry Clarke’s Portrait of Linda Rochester, for her perfect Ronnie Spector Beehive
304 Robert Franks Hoboken, the famous one with the American Flag
305-309 Four photos Arbus took of a tired, and slightly haggard Germaine Greer, in some American Hotel room, Greer wrote about it later.
310 Danny Lyon portfolio, mostly natives and bikers, 30 images
311 Shores photo of a boulder on a street in Bozeman Montana
312 A Baltz photo of a door in suburban Pasedena
313 Sally Mann’s mother land, a daugertype made white by tea, the landscape barely visibile in the background
314 Atget’s picture of a willow in a paris graveyard
315 Eakins Motion study, young boy
316 Gary Winnogrands photo of the young hoods necking, while the ugly girl looks on
317-321 Four Silver Nitrate fotograms, done at the same time as ray devolped rayogrpahs by the painter/sculptor mology-nagay
322 Paul Outerbridge Nude With the Towel, for the audacity of the colour (Im not sure the process)
333 Harry Callahan’s wife looking like a mermaid in Lake Michigan (Silver Nitrate)
334 Robert Frank Silver Geltain, from the London series, of a man in a morning coat and top hat, London
335-340 5 photos by Lee Friedlander, from his travels to famous American Tourist sites
340-342 Two Iconic Madonna Shots
343 A truly hard on inducing Seranno of a priest tied, bound and gagged, titled Martyr
344 Jessica Craig Martins Portrait of two v. rich smiles on the hamptons, at the fourth of july
345 A picture from Vanessa Beecrofts Second performance at the intrepied
346-348 Two Uta Barth photos, with large white fields carved from blurry landscapes
349 Milton Avery Pencil like print of a very thin, extended young woman
350 Child Hassam’s etching of Yews on an english estate, because of the crowding in the trees crowns
351 Winslow Homers open, content etching of one man in a boat, fly fishing
352-355 Drypoint, illustrative etching of depression era new york, by Martin Lewis, spring time in greenwhich village, subway steps, and Bedford gang
356 Lewis Lowzick’s etching of the Brooklyn Bridge
357 Deigo Reiveras Portrait of Emma Dunbar
358 Ben Shan’s portrait of the three principals of the tea pot dome scandal
359 Charles Scheer’s industrial series no. 1, later paitned
360-364 4 of Rufel Tofina’s venauclar, tidy, brightly coloured, and tender prints, (including two watermelon on a tangerine field, a grey burro, and others)
364-369 5 of Whisters 26 Etchings, of boats, birds, bridges, and other domestic marine scenes, tidier, and less colourful then his paintings, but delicate and full of love.
368-355 Friedensreich Hundertwasser prints, from the 60s and 70s. A swiss mystic, his abstractions contain a symbolic logic that is present but intractable—also great colours
354—Fantastic odlesqiue nude by Matisse, drawin in one sinuous line
355 Matisse, Homme D Ennemi, a male version of the above, with white lines on black Field,
366 One of the claustrophobic henry moore drawings, done before his expansive sculpture
367 A Edward Munch etching, in dark green, of two people lost in a murky forresst.
368 One of Several Neo Classical drawings Picasso did of the Minatour fucking a lady—this one more bestial then most.
369 A Redon watercolour of a woman tunring into a serpernt
370 A woman, like a ribbon in the wind, by Schiele, lithograph from 1920
370-374 Four of the more famous Ta Louse La Trec posters, including dancing girls
374-376 Two delicate, lovely, decorative, pastel coloured intereriors, limited edition lithographs by Villuard
377 Bellows portrait of rich men, in the midst of a fight
378-383 5 Exagareted, psychically imposing, newsprint etchings by Thomas Hart Benton. Mostly of landscapes, an amazing one of trains, and another of lumberjacks
384 Black Magic, of the Flat Iron building, by Geerlings
384-386 Two large, WPA style, etchings by Martin Lewis, of Transportation
387-390—Grant Wood, Rural Farm Scenes
391 Tamayo’s print of a wolf howling at the moon, like a Mexican/inca version of Klee.
392 Drypoint self portrait of Max Beckman, looking like a greedy gnome
393 For their historical relation to the multiple, and photograrphy, Duchamps RotoReilefs
394 Kadinsky Album of 46 Etchings, in mulberry binding
395 Joan Miro Ubu Roi VI cause its pink, and bouncy
396 A Munch lithograph, where two people are sitting at the very edge of a desolate landscape, very few lines used very well
397-402 5 Nolde Aquatints and Etchings, mostly brooding and paranoid portraits, with one excellent seascape
403 Serge Poliakoff’s brown and yellow composition, looks like a crackled wall somewhere in the south of spain
404-409 5 Blake Etchings, Deaths Door, Annuncation, some images of Crypts, and Christ Rising, the most traditionally Christian of his work.
410 Gustave Caillebott’s Yellow Roses in a White Jar, a tight, well composed and has a certain purity of vision
411 Tamara d’Lembicki’s Four nus, four hard edged, deco women, naked in a very tight square canvasses, modernity strips any of Ingres’ softness
412 Josef Albers White Embossing on Grey 7 Prints
412-415 Three Chuck Close Prints, one from fingerprints, one early Phil Glass
416-418 Two lots of Monochromatic Flavin lithographs for Judd, one set of four, one set of three, and one set of 6
419 Frankenthalers Flirt, From 1995, written about lower on the page
420 Philip Guston’s Sea Group (cause of the empty top corner, and he crazy busy bottom half)
421-426 5 David Hockney Drawings, including three heavenly luxurious, blue swimming pools, with a wonderous aqua.
427 Robert Indiana illustrations of Robert Creely Poems (set of 10)
428-439 11 various John’s prints, including examples of Numbers, Targets, Flags, Hatches, and Ale Cans, illustrated poems by Frank O Hara, Others
430 Donald Judd Black and White Diagonal aquaprint, has the thrust into pictorial space of the best sculptures
431-434 Three Ellsworth Kelly Prints, Green Amoprhus Blob, Three Colours, and Navy Devon
435-438 Three Sol Le Witt, late, brightly coloured, lithographs
439 Lichenstien Poster for Leo Castelli (service for five)
440-442 Robert Longo, Mn In Cities (Erick and Gretchen)
443-446 Three Greytone monoprints also by judd
447 Agnes Martin (On A Clear Day) conceptual working out of grids, lavendar on buff paper, 10 parts
447-452 5 Murakami Lithogrpahs, including nightscape and Homage to Francis Bacon evil yet super kawaii
453 A small, Kelly green, relief of a 1963 Packard, by Oldenberg, intended as a manquette
454-464 10 Rauschenberg prints, including some of the insisously poltically Soviet-American Alliance seires and a really cute one featuring a cat.
465 A lithographic version of Richters painting of a double or mirroed candle, with signturures, as seen on that sonic youth album
466 Rosenquist Spaghetti, super annotated, hyper real close up of chef boyadee, looks like factory guts
467-470 Ed Ruscha Prints, all classic, including Standard Station, Soap Bubbles (blue and white, so light, commercial, epherameal, and pure) and one other
471 Plans for Fred Sandblacks minimalist string installations, lithographs made with the same rigour (seires of 6)
472-475 3 lots of Richard Serra prints, mostly hugely blocked sections of black oil stick on white canvas, one set of four, that construct a narrative of black slowly overwhelming white, like an oil slick (ie 1 is ¼, 2 is 1/2, 3 is ¾, four is wholly black)
476-483 7 lots of Wayne Theibaud Prints, one landscape, two single flowers in vases, some usual commercial food drawings, and a an album of 4 lithographs illustrating the physoginomy of taste. (the spareness, and the lack of overkill in his e arly work)
483-486 Three Twombies, two that look like file cabinets, and the masterful Roman Notes, a sea foam colour, with light blue chalk, loosely scrawled in continous loops in tight horizontal rows
484 Warlhol Black and White Brimmingham Race Riot
486 Warhol Cambpell Soup Portfolio (10 Prints)
487 Warhol Pink and Silver Electric Chair
488 Warhol Shadows I (an album of 6)
489 Warhol Sigmund Freud
490 John Wesley Panolpy (A wreath of wrestling soilders, and a general as paper doll)
491 Ta Louse La Trec colour litho grpah, with one elgenat rosy pink nipple
492 Doufys St Slevin, a drawing of the famous goth cathedral, that folds into itself like a fractal
493 Otto Dix portrait of an angry and sour woman, an excellent example of his satirical ege
494-497 Two Kirchner drawings, post coital, and hollow with hunger
497-499 Two drawings by Marc, one of a tiger and a deer
501 Meloncholy III by Munch (described well in the title)
502 Redons Happy Little Dancing Spider
502-504 Two easy, almost scrawelled, corpulent little Dubuffet Homonculi
505 Clase Oldenbergs Erotic Drawing (an orgy with cox the size of baseball bats)
506 Chaim Soutine, the exact opposite of the blood and gut meat paitings, a peaceful and verdant work remindcent of cezannes pines
507 a gorgeous, and almost life sized bronze nude, by Andre Mallioli
508 A 6 feet high, 10 feet long, Epic Hepworth, initimate and open for its huge size
509 A small and almost empty Degas Landscape, blue sky and sea, with brown ground, trifurcated almost perfectly
510 A Henri Martin Nude, naïve, with long brown hair, that flows into the murky water, almost interiror and domestic in its use of space, though out doors
511 More naked chicks, this by Nisling, and it looks like a dutch baker who doffed her top at a lunch hour, quick and ideal in its naturalism
512 one of those windswept cardinals, by Manzu, in White Marble—the purity, and the modernism of these figures always reminded me of the goals of Vatican II, and I think are amongst the best of 20th century religious art
513 A large, late Giocemetti, designed for the mexico city library, combines ideas of furniture, sculpture, openness and capture,
514 Ernst painting of butterflies, a good transitional piece b/w his paintings and his collage work
515 A much smaller, about the size of an ostritch egg, hepworth bronze, hollow in the middle, strung like a lute
516 A white chalk drawing by Degas oon Brown Craft paper, of a jockey laying prone after being throne from a horse
517 a slight, and lithe, sexually ambiguous boy child by balthus
518 A perfectly composed, drawing of the head and shoulders of one of Schieles doctors
519 Though intended as an etude, a perfectly composed girl, leaning over the front rails of the bed, her coat on a chair besides, also by Balthus
520 Lyle Feinnger drawing of semaphore flags, ground and a black ship
521 a very late Ben Nicholson 4 inche squre in the midst of dove grey matting, with a variety of opposing and complimentry segments/lines/squggles in browns, greys and greens, an earthy, miniature riley, and a thumbnail of his concerns for most of his life
522 This Kupka illustration that looks like a brooks brother pocket square, handsome use of blues and red
523 A student of Rudhart painted a dark and vile Bear Hunt, like something you would find in a mediocre regional museum, in a dark corner, has power of natures tooth and claw, American Victorian
524 Louise Garieb, dramatic flower painting, all verticle motion almost spurting into the black background, great pinks and oranges
525 Two Cezanne Drawings, a great one of Aloe in a japanese pot, and a mediocre one of a human face
526 One of the Better flower paintings by Redon
527 A Bonnard circus scenes, with all of this dusty rose and red chalk, gorgeous
528 A double Picture, Recto 6 Nuns eating lunch, like still in France Gaugin, verso, a fantastic circus strong man, doughy and seductive, by Denis
529 Théo van Rysselberghe has an almost tropical hill top view to the sea, it reminds me of Victoria, and I love it (all the little islands make everything better, and that slapdash loosened pointillism as well)
530 A painting described as Canal De Bruges, and it is exactly that, dun coloured concrete, dull water, and townhouses in the background, miserable industry made revelatory
531 A greek island, all seascrubbed whites and sage greens by mediterrianist Marquet
532-535 Three early giocemettis of these fat contented birds, mostly wanted for the irony of owning something so happy by someone who made his career on misery
536 Lynn Chadwick Manquetee of two standing, formal men, genderless and sort of ominous
537-540 3 George Grosz cartoons, Weimar era, narrative and composition excellent, not as nasty as they could be
541 An August Herbin Composition that is the fine art equivalent of Carmen mirandas hats, loud, fruity, rollicking, camp, and w/o beginning or end, his more restrained work people like more, but I like when he goes a bit crazy
542 A spare piece of Mondrians sketchbook, figuring out a late compostion, the ones he painted and repainted over and over again…
543-545 Two avain like constructions, almost ceadric, and strange—by an unknown by henri lamont
546 A Leger Painting, heavily stylized, of grass and larkspur growing around and thru a yellow girder
547 A Polychrome Cermaic rising meteror, also by Leger
548 Two more Lyn Chadwicks, Male and Female, with capes, the female a bronze triangle instead of a face, the man a square, stilling on a unformed bronze lump
549 Bimorphic, slef supporting, Arp Bronze, shaped like a French curve
550-6 Henry Moore Bronzes, Madonnas and Reclining Nudes, models for larger pieces (I think moore works smaller, the size of a hand, rather then an arm,)
557 Chadwick manquette, similar to the seated one, but Standing (actually walking)
558 A coquettish Lempicki, a black velvet band around her neck, a confection of blonde on her hair, like a happy stranger Olympia
559 Lavendar Glass Sculpture, ovoid, with large black opening, like a mouth—Ernst one off
556 Vija Clemens Web no. 2
557-560 three chuck close prints, two black and white, one colour, 10 decades apart, the ravages of age is subtle but haunting
561 One of those proto ocean parks with perfect california colours by Dieborken
561-567 5 Perfect well edited, bizzarely clean urban lanscapes by Estes
568 A monotype, brown ink on white archival paper, of chinese simplicity, Fischl nude
569-570 A matched set of Frankenthaler watercolour prints, blue and pink, with the same green/yellow poking through
570-585 15 great, colourful, strange, and polymorphus keith harings, including medusa, and mickey warhol
585-580 More Hockney Swimmingpools, Half of his weather seires, inculding the apoclyptic lightening, and two of the best portraits fomr the mid 80s
579 Robert Indiana's Numbers, in colour (10 Lithographic prints)
580 Moulded Steel Judd Multiple, almost with Andre
581 4 aquatints, also by judd, hard edged, almost pure minimalism
582-586 Two Ellsworth Kelly drawings of flowers, and two spectrums, one sqaures and one triangles
587 Koon's Made in Heaven Souvineer Tote (its much more awesome then it sounds)
588 Lichenstien Lithogrpah of a sunset, with the original ben day dots
589 INstructional Poster by Lichensthal, on lithography, limited edition
590 Brice Marden Cold Mountain 18--a move away from solid bricks of muted, meloncholic cholour, to gorgeous, lines of movment in empty space, a freeing of late minmialism, and the next great discovery
590-596 Six Etchings by Motherwall, mostly black and red--but the red is this expansive, oxblood, rust, that reminds one of newmann, and other more ancient things
598-602 Four Nauman deconstructions of language, Raw War, black and red; Life Mask in graphite on white field; violence with a drawing of four violins drawing;and partial truth in classical roman font, the u a v.
603 Polyresin smaller cast of Nevelson's wall sized found and painted wood sculptures (this one black)
604 a 6 inch, 6 foot long kenneth noland aquatint
605 Bridget Riley twisted black and white on clear plexiglass
606 Print of Rosenquist pouring red paint into a teal bucket
607-614 7 Ruscha word works, including Pepto Bismal CAviar, and 1984 in that computer like font
615 7 Robert Ryman Aquatints (Buff on White!)
616-626 10 Black and White drawings
626 Thiebaud Rabbits
627 Theibaud Candy Apples (it explains the red colour)
630-631 Two Gorgeous, calligraphic, Twombies, with interplays of several colours, tight and contained in a way his scrawls are usually not
632 Kara Walker Silehoute
633 Andy Warhol Liz Taylor
634 Andy Warhol S&M Green Stamps
635 Andy Warhol Four Grieving JAckies
636 Andy Warhol Scotch Broth
637 Andy Warhol Nixon for McGovern
638 Andy Warhol Mao
639 Andy Warhol Dollar Sign Qaudrant
640 Andy Warhol Judy Garland as Blackgama

Okay that’s all I could imagine wanting 640 pieces—most expeinsive work is 13m, cheapest is $600, those who failed to sell, I took the low estimate, did not include any auction where the Picasso would be out of place time wise (so modern, and contemporary auctions only, and only for spring 2006.) Aside from what I would buy, I attempted for history, further market, diversity and other reasons people buy art. Spelling and Gramar mistakes mine.

I have 21 141 133 left.


Anonymous said...

a) Toulouse Lautrec
b) How is it misogynistic?
c) How much do you know about cubism? It's possible to dislike a style and still see its merits, but the way you write makes you sound like a 14 year old who hates his/her art teacher.

Anthony said...

a) i obv. don't spell check, if you want to, there are 8 yrs worth of archives.
b) i said slightly, mostly because of the violence that he does to his subjects, i am willing to concede this point though (cf Nochlin and Degas)
c) there is any number of things to like about picasso, and still think that 120m for a painting is absurd, this set of posts was mostly about the market. and i know more about braque or gris then picasso, but then i think braque or gris are better painters (well maybe not gris, but braque for sure)

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